How To Overcame Bad Tech Reviews

What is internet reputation management? The short answer is that it’s the system by which you make sure that your online reputation stays as highly regarded as possible. Here’s how to do it when people are criticizing your work.

How to overcame bad reviews

#1: Find the truth

The first thing you  need to do, as hard as it might be, is ask yourself whether the criticisms leveled at you have merit. It’s easy to assume that all of the negative things written in the tech blogs are just sour grapes. This might even be true some of the time. If you can’t take a step back and look at each criticism objectively, ask someone you trust to do so.

#2: Define the solution

If the things the bloggers are saying about you actually are true, the first thing you need to do is figure out what to do to fix those problems. Sit down with your team (or a trusted advisor if you are working alone) and go through that list of problems one by one. Try to find the simplest but most genuine fix possible. Sometimes it is simple—fixing a line of code, updating your website, etc. Other times it is going to be more complicated.

#3: Ask for advice from the others

Did the blogger offer a solution in addition to the criticism? Does what the blogger has suggested actually work? If they offered no solution, contact the blogger and ask for advice. Make sure your correspondence is polite and respectful. Remember to thank the blogger for his or her honest opinion. Explain that you’ve been trying to fix the problem but you’re drawing a blank and then ask for some insight or guidance.  If the blogger’s suggestions will work, implement it and then—and this is important—thank the blogger for his help.

#4: Share the solution with others

When you fix a problem make sure people know about it. You can contact the blogger who levied the criticism privately. Or, if you have your own blog, write about it there. Make sure to link to the original review! This shows buyers that you take criticism seriously and that you’re willing to try to fix the problems people have.

If the problems levied really are sour grapes, don’t ignore them. Believe it or not, a simple email stating that you are sorry they found your product lacking but that you welcome any insight or suggestions for how to make it better is usually enough to win their respect back.

Remember: always be professional, respectful and polite!

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