Top 7 Ideal Ways To Use Instagram TV For Your Business Growth

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IGTV stands for Instagram TV, and it is one of the most popular apps that allows you to create and share long form videos for up to 15 to 60 minutes. IGTV is a great opportunity for business to increase brand awareness, attract more followers and reach your target customers.

Instagram TV is an incredible channel to show your brand, product, and services. It is also the perfect platform to improve your marketing strategy, work with popular influencers and build engagement.

But are you wondering how to create an effective IGTV channel and how to use it for your business? In this article, here are the top 7 ideal ways to use IGTV to enhance your business growth.

Before entering into the main topic, we can see some useful ideas to use Instagram TV.

How To Use IGTV?

IGTV is one of the excellent for uploading a series of videos on a specific theme or topic. Creating and uploading videos on IGTV is simple but effective. Here are few simple steps to publish videos on Instagram TV;

  • Click the + icon at the bottom of your Instagram screen.
  • Choose a 60 second or longer video you want to publish and click next.
  • Select share as long video option to post the full length video and tap continue.
  • You can choose the cover image for your videos from the inbuilt frame or from your gallery.
  • Click next and give the title and description for your IGTV videos.
  • You can also have the feature to preview your videos and make them visible on Facebook.

Once you complete all these processes, tap the post option at the top right corner to upload your video on IGTV.

Ideas To Use IGTV To Improve Your Business:

Video is one of the best content marketing strategies to engage your audience and increase your engagement rate. IGTV is an excellent place to promote your brand and business to a huge audience and enhance your marketing growth.

Instagram brings the best opportunity for brands to share high-quality videos with their followers. Here’re some useful tactics to use IGTV to grow your business.

#1. Make A Video Series

If you keep your Instagram account populated with fresh and unique content, you can keep your audiences coming back. A regular video series is the most effective way to drive traffic to your channel and increase video visibility.

Remember, knowing who your target customer is? what type of content they watch again, and aging? It is one of the best strategies to build a brand reputation and get more followers to your profile.

IGTV is the perfect format for showing a lack of information in small or long videos. You can deliver your brand message and other types of information in a video series format. Creating video series on a variety of topics can gradually boost your user engagement and invite massive people to your Instagram profile.

#2. Share A Tutorial Video

Uploading a tutorial video is one engaging way to build trust among your customers. A tutorial video is an easy way to know how to use your products and services. These types of videos make more possibilities and get high engagement to reach your business among the new audiences.

For example, if your product is relevant to a beauty brand, creating a makeup tutorial using your product or giving a common beauty tip helps to improve brand awareness and engage your followers to purchase products.

However, when you receive comments to your published video, responding immediately to your audience queries gives answers to their questions. This involvement will boost your viewers to watch your videos again, and they love to share your videos with their friends and followers.

#3. Post Your Live Video On IGTV

Instagram live video is the cost effective feature to convey your message directly to your followers in the best way. It provides a great way to reach out your content to the exact people and bring more engagement. To increase the visibility of your live video, reposting that video on your IGTV feed can increase the engagement of your live video.

When you go live on Instagram, record your live video & edit that video and share it on IGTV to convey your message and show your brand to huge people. IGTV is the biggest opportunity to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and generate sales.

#4. Use Instagram Stories

Whether you are an individual or brand, you can use the Instagram stories feature, which helps to make your videos viral and boost organic views for your stories. So, you can promote your IGTV video on your stories feed to grab the attention of your whole audience.

Instagram stories appear in a slideshow format so, it will engage each of your followers to watch your IGTV video. Similarly, when you upload your IGTV videos on Instagram story feed, you can easily increase the number of Instagram story views, and your story gets a high rank in front of your followers.

The way of creating an Instagram story will build trust and encourage your audience to watch your full posts. Hence, you have to use eye catchy filters and effects for your videos that provide a new look and feel!

#5. Add Clear Description With Relevant Hashtags

Description of your IGTV video is a mini blog post that helps tell the story of your video or convey a short video message. A well-optimized description can boost your video ranking, and it provides equal importance to your video.

Hashtags are also a great strategy to reach your target audience and make it easier for others to find your videos. A unique and relevant hashtag creates great visibility and increases your brand presence.

If you’re adding engaging descriptions with relevant hashtags to your videos, you can improve your video engagement and display your video in front of a wider audience. Both hashtags and descriptions are an essential part of your marketing strategy to get more exposure and reach your community.

#6. Interact Your Followers With Q&A

A video with a question and answer session is the best way to know your follower’s feedback about your brand and clear their doubts and queries. You can upload interview questions on your Instagram feed and answer all those questions through IGTV videos.

Start interacting with your followers creates an excellent opportunity to make a strong relationship with your followers. But make sure that you don’t forget to create something innovative and memorable.

#7. Bring Success Stories

When a customer interacts with your brand and gives a positive review of why they approach your brand and use your products and services. You should post their positive comments and reviews as an IGTV video. It is a great chance to build a strong relationship with your fans and followers.

Invite your customers to tell why they use your products and services and what benefits they gain. While uploading their videos, tag that person to enhance your brand presence and gain new audiences to your Instagram TV channel.

Additional Tips & Tricks To Use IGTV:

 icon-angle-right Post Long From Videos Only

Similar to YouTube, longer format videos are more popular on IGTV. Developing every content in a longer format brings clear and detailed information about your product and services.

Instagram stories are designed in a small piece of content within crispy 15 second clips. More than a 15-second video, what would you do? Instagram offers an IGTV option for users to create and upload long form video content for your brand. You can publish up to one hour videos on this feed, so your followers will get detailed information about your brand and business.

 icon-angle-right Cross Promote Your IGTV Video

Whenever you upload content on Instagram TV, you can share that video to different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more. It is one of the best tips and practices to build brand awareness, generate sales and enhance your social proof.

IGTV offers unique cross promotion options that help to boost your channel growth;

  • You can share your IGTV videos to a connected Facebook page within the app.
  • Link to your IGTV video from your Instagram stories feed.
  • Upload one-minute previews of your Instagram Tv video to your Instagram feed/profile.

 icon-angle-right Choose A Unique Brand Color, Theme, and Fonts

While creating videos on Instagram or any other social media platform, brand identity is important to get more outcomes and achieve more success on that platform. You should choose a unique and different brand logo, color, theme, and font for your company as well as on your content marketing.

Using the same color and theme is not useful to show your brand to loyal audiences, and you can’t get more engagement. Uniqueness is the best practice to drive more visibility and credibility for your IGTV videos.

Wrapping Up

IGTV offers endless opportunities for your business to build your loyal followers and attract new customers to your profile. First, you should find who your target customer is and their needs and interests. Then start to record and upload videos based on their niche! Next, you have to develop your marketing strategies by using different sources, hashtags, video descriptions, and more!

Using Instagram TV provides value to your business to get a high-level engagement and massive reach.

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