Portfolio Platform Review – Part VIII: IdentyMe

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For this installment of the portfolio review series we’re taking an in-depth look at IdentyMe.com. The IdentyMe platform has a number of useful resources for designers and photographers looking for a general, simple portfolio site. If you have photographs, images of projects you have sent to an online printing company, or even screenshots of your web designs, IdentyMe has more than a few interesting perks.

IdentyMe is not aimed at designers, but it could appeal to designers as it has one very helpful tool included in the free version: a portfolio with up to 50 images and descriptions. Other benefits of the site include its ease of use for quickly adding your contact information and work history details.

IdentyMe Review

Ease of Use

IdentyMe is very easy to use for nearly any action, including adding your contact information to uploading images to your profile and portfolio. The site navigation is simple, so finding where and how to get your content on the site is very straightforward.

The image uploading process is easy to use as well. You can select up to 40 images at one time and the site does the rest. You will have to manually comment on each image, but this is easily done even if a bit time-consuming.

Image Protection

No image protection is provided, so if you want to protect your designs, you will need to upload small files or watermark your graphics.

Professionalism/Quality of Presentation

IdentyMe has a very clean presentation for your content. Using themes, you can customize the general look and feel of your portfolio. The design is free of advertisements except for a small banner in the upper corner of the page for IdentyMe.

The images in your portfolio display in a lightbox when clicked on from a thumbnail view. You can create multiple portfolios of your work and they are organized in a folder-like display. The ads disappear in the lightbox mode, making IdentyMe one of the cleaner presentations for your portfolio that we’ve seen.

Community/Environmental Considerations

There is no community surrounding IdentyMe that is directly connected to your public profile. Commenting is not allowed (on the free version), so you do not have to worry about moderation or other networking tasks or concerns.

Customization Options

IdentyMe is built around themes. The free version of the site offers around 20 professional themes for free with the ability to purchase premium themes for a few dollars per month.

The paid version of the site allows complete HTML customization of the profile. If you want to eventually upgrade to the full version, this access to the HTML allows you more advanced tweaking of your portfolio.

Contact Options

Your complete contact information is immediately available on your profile. Your phone numbers, email, and even mailing address are in full view if you want them to be. Short of a fully customizable portfolio platform like WordPress, IdentyMe has the best contact options available for a portfolio site.


IdentyMe is a simple portfolio platform site but has the basic features to allow you to quickly get a profile up and running. You can then upgrade to a fully featured website that includes your own domain. The two biggest advantages of the site are the ease of uploading and the complete contact information that is made available right away.

If you want a community with which to dialogue about your designs, IdentyMe is not ideal as you do not have commenting features available. But if you need a simple, straightforward portfolio platform, IdentyMe has got your bases covered.

About the Author!

Tara Hornor has a degree in English and has found her niche writing about marketing, advertising, branding, graphic design, and desktop publishing. She writes for PrintPlace.com, a company that offers online printing services for business cards, catalog printing services, posters, brochures, postcard printing services, and more printed marketing media. In addition to her writing career, Tara also enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.

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