The Lazy Man’s Guide to Making a Quality Facebook Cover

Whilst it is all well and good talking about the dimensions, design process and applications that you need in order to create a Facebook Cover, the fact remains that many of us simply can’t justify the time that it takes to create a Facebook cover ourselves and would rather elect for someone else to do it for us.

In essence, a Facebook Cover is nothing more than a heading graphic of a particular size designed with a target audience in mind – those that are visiting your Facebook profile. And as such, good webmasters may wish to consider using Facebook Cover websites in their quest for relevant art work for their articles.

Whether the intention of your Facebook page is to market a business, market a product – or simply make your Facebook profile stand out a good Facebook cover will help you achieve your objective.

In this article, I’ve outlined three lazy ways in which to get a quality Facebook cover without it costing you the earth – or perhaps more importantly, too much of your valuable time.

#1. Make Your Own Cover for Facebook

Facebook Cover Review

If originality of your Facebook cover is important to you but you don’t want to spend any money on a graphic designer, consider using the up and coming Make a Cover for Facebook app. This Facebook cover maker tool has been conceived as collage type point and click app.

This cover maker app is pretty simple in the way it operates to make your Facebook cover – you merely select the most appealing character (of which there are a number to choose from) and dress it up to suit you.

The biggest thing that this tool to make up a Facebook cover has going for it is that you’re able to create something original that looks pretty good in just a couple of minutes.

#2. Outsource

Facebook Cover Review

Outsourcing isn’t something that is merely the preserve of big business; it’s something that as an individual or small business you can do both easily and effectively. Outsourcing a Facebook cover is something that you can do at a price tag to suit you and means that you can obtain exactly what you want without having to do it yourself.

Just as you would bring a professional to sort out your plumbing or gas boiler, why wouldn’t you also bring in a professional (in this case a design professional) in the event that you need something in particular Consider sites such as to outsource your Facebook cover design.

#3. Download A Facebook Cover

Facebook Cover Review

This is possibly the laziest way in which to obtain a Facebook cover – download it. There is a dime a dozen Facebook cover websites scattered about the internet, however, is one of my favourites.

The advantage of using one of these Facebook cover download sites is that you can choose from a wide assortment of Facebook covers that are already designed and premade to work in a specific size and format for your Facebook profile page.

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