Versatile, Beautiful, Complete: The Brand New jQuery Slider Shock

Responsive design has become the new trend that is slightly becoming a standard in the web design process, it adds versatility and beauty to the incredible new websites that are being built.

Free jQuery Slider Plugin

According with this great trend, Shock Family has built a wonderful jQuery and WordPress based slider. This great and complete slider has a lot of features, and it’s really worth to take a look on them. For first you can choose whether using its responsive design or just leave it fixed, which is great when is displayed in any device. Adding content from several sources is also possible, you can add content from sources such as Youtube, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Vimeo, RSS and much more and also, place thumbnails for this content in any place inside a slide, and also place as many instances as you wish on the same page.

With these very first features you will start realizing that this is a really and fully customizable widget, and that is absolutely correct, it offers more than 30 effects and a similar number of skins to let you play with them as you feel like. If you want to add titles and text to your slides, you will be glad to see that you can edit the aspect of any caption, font, and also any images, colors, patterns and backgrounds.

Free jQuery Slider Plugin

As you may realize, this is one of the most complete jQuery sliders available, and if you try the free versions, you will definitely wish to get a premium version which will grant you full features and customization, choosing from the WordPress or jQuery version (or both, indeed) and even the chance of including the slider in projects you make, either for clients or any commercial use.

Free jQuery Slider Plugin

It’s obvious that you won’t have enough just by reading the features of jQuery Slider Shock, developed by the same team behind WordPress Theme Generator, then you can do a test-drive on their website and check these wonderful features.

For any further comment, query or suggestion you may have, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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