10 Great Advices for Aspiring Logo Designer from The Experts


Have the skills and expertise alone is not enough, in addition to technical factors there are also non-technical factors that you need to support your efforts to become a great logo designer. Like not easily give up, work hard, love what we’re doing, focus, keep practicing and want to hear from other, these factors which I think is much more important.

David Airey said: “Do it because you love it!

Below are some very valuable advice from expert logo designer, to those who would like to try their hand at logo design and become a great logo designer.

By Nadir Balcikli

Advices for aspiring logo designer

The only recommendation I can give to the other logo designers is that “Pay attention to your efforts and make your work have features that will distinguish you from other designers. Never give in!”

Source: A chat with Logorado aka Nadir Balcikli

By Leighton Hubbell

Advices for aspiring logo designer

Study the masters. Draw a lot. Get a sketchbook. Study typography. Study design. Be a student of the craft. Work hard and pay your dues. Always, always, always work on your portfolio.
It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle. Make it so. And most of all, give your work a reason to live.

Source: Logo Designer Interviews: Leighton Hubbell

By Jacob Cass

Advices for aspiring logo designer

Do the research, study the basics, read books & case studies, keep practicing, get involved within the community, get feedback on your designs, keep active… and then repeat. Wax on, wax off.

Source: Logo Designer Interviews: Jacob Cass

By Mike Erickson

Advices for aspiring logo designer

Yes, find your own style and do your own thing. Don’t be afraid to step out of the circle and try new things and experiment. Listen to what your elders have said though. They have been there before you and design is ART and SCIENCE and SOME rules should not be changed but don’t be afraid to try and invent new rules. Be a trend setter not a trend follower. Enjoy what you do but grow thick skin.

Source: Insider Logo Design Tips: Mike Erickson (Logomotive)

By Brian Hoff

Advices for aspiring logo designer

In order to become successful in anything you have to love what you do. Passion will always show through in your work and writing.

Source: Interview with Designer/Blogger Brian Hoff

By Richard Scott

Advices for aspiring logo designer

I would say try to be creative and as unique as possible. Create your own little niche within a fairly tough industry. Always keep a positive mind-set and have strong intent that you can and will succeed! Listen to others, ask questions and keep practicing whatever design process you feel most comfortable with. I would always recommend a design course of some sort to gain key knowledge and understanding of design principles. Whatever your skill level the main thing is to have a great concept.

Source: Interview with Australian Logo Designer Richard Scott

By David Airey

Advices for aspiring logo designer

Do it because you love it.

Source: David Airey Interview

By Rob Janoff

Advices for aspiring logo designer

This is something I tell my kids: I could do this even if I’m not getting paid for it, because I like it so much, because now more than ever before there are so many people trying to become designers and work for agencies just because the tools that are available. So, it’s harder and harder to get work. And, the way some people have to get work is by apprenticing and working for nothing for somebody until they get that job, because there is so much competition.

Source: Interview with Rob Janoff, designer of the Apple logo

By Sneh Roy

Advices for aspiring logo designer

Watch and learn. Don’t copy, but observe and absorb. Not everyone is going to like your designs and not everyone is going to be nice about it. Don’t let the negatives bog you down. You will know when criticism is constructive but stern and when it is just downright mean. Focus on the constructive bit and you will be fine. Push yourself harder every time and once you start something, don’t give up cause you got up too late or someone, online said something rude!

Source: Meet Sneh Roy AKA LittleBoxOfIdeas

By Srdjan Wizemark Kirtic

Advices for aspiring logo designer

Be honest with yourself about what you do. If you are positive about it, step in and push hard. Be courageous and audacious. Be strong and persistent, learn constantly and upgrade yourself, and you’ll get there. If you’re not so sure, try to find someone to follow and learn along the way. But be careful of who you are following as well, because, if the vision is clear, you shouldn’t waste any time.

Source: Meet Srdjan Wizemark Kirtic, The Logo Storyteller

I hope these advices can help you to find an answer to the question “what it takes to be a great logo designer or great designer?” or maybe you have another great advice? please share with us, we would love to hear your thoughts so please comment below.

Thanks 🙂

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  1. Federico Capoano says

    Nice encouraging article.

    It’s true in this field and the all graphic / web industry there is a lot of competition and some time uncorrect competition (people copying your work and seeling it for much cheaper and stuff like that).

    Sometimes is not easy to find clients that understand your value.

  2. Eko S says

    @Federico: Yes it’s true, there is a lot of competition out there. But if we can take the positive side of that competition, like make us more creative, able to create a new opportunity or anything else. So we will remain competitive.
    For me is to do what best I can do, and try not to easily give up.

    Thanks for the comment, Federico 🙂

    @Giocomo: We are glad, this article could help you 🙂

  3. Salwars says

    You’re right.. there is much competition…

  4. byme says

    Nice article brother

  5. Inka says

    Great post! If I can add, one thing I learned as a designer, keep a humble mind. No matter how good you are, there’s ALWAYS someone out there who is better than you. By being humble you will open yourself to learn more.

  6. labatterie says

    Focus on the constructive bit and you will be fine.

  7. Designer Sarees says

    Nice Post… All articles are very encouraging and aspiring. Thanks For Sharing..

  8. Sarees says

    Great Post.. Very informative post for logo designers. Thanks for sharing it..

  9. Katherin Rosensteel says

    Appealing on the other hand ‘m not sure only believe in that.

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