5 Steps to Branding Your Company Page in Social Media for the First Time

The first time is always to be a sensitif moment. Likewise, when you want to branding your company for the first time. Because it’s the first time you introducing your company as a new competitor for the older company. How to introducing your brand, how to post meaningful entries and comment on your industry’s top blogs, or how to simply gain a regular readership? “Visibility creates opportunities,” says Schawbel, a social media specialist at EMC Corporation.

Below you can try to start your business opportunities with 5 simple steps how to branding your company at the first time.

Step 1. Learning Who You Communicated With

social media brand strategy

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This is the foundation to determine market strategy in your company page. Because we can learn who we communicate with, than shall be we simply determine the name brand, and logo that we will make.
Whether parents? Children? Or businessman who became the market target of, we have to learn formerly of its characteristics, so when determination of colors, a picture, and words of our is not childish when we target is elderly, and the words we are not too stiff for the target market of young people.

Step 2. Choose Brand Name Wisely and Easy to Remember

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”
– William Shakespeare –

Name of your brand is the second step, this will bring your customer to remember yor brand. Choose your brand name wisely, this is so that if your products are in international markets, you should consider the different culture and language. Does your brand name is when translated in another language, connote a different meaning in the country? One of the example is Subway, when translated into Mandarin is ‘sai ba wei’…. For a Singaporean or Malaysian to read this, it would actually mean ‘ the smell of faeces from afar’.
Choose brand which easy to remember, imagine if you have a simpel name and easy to remember you have two advantage

  • First, when your customer interesting and satisfied of your product they will easy remember your brand and become your regular customer.
  • Second when your customer become a regular customer then they will easily promote your brand by mouth to mouth and of course its free :D.

This is the example of the weird brand
social media brand strategy

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The easy to remember brand
social media brand strategy

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Step 3. Choose Unique Logo

The third step is choose the unique logos for your brand. The design is simple, or using many colors, or just using word, just using number or using negative space. The important is, your logo design must be unique and different with other company. Be wisely, be remembered, and be unique then you will be ready for market your product.

social media brand strategy

Step 4. Create Your Brand in Social Media

After all, now is the important step: create an interesting blog or website. How to make your website more interesting and can help you to get loyal costumers?
1. Identity your company
On your company website front page make menu “about us”, you can tell the story about your company, like the story what, when, who, why and how you made your product brand. This menu “about us” can answering the curiosity of consumer who you are and what is your product. Like what Seven Eleven did, they tell a story about they company in menu “about us”, maybe for the Seven Eleven they added the development of their brand as a story in their company identity.

social media brand strategy

2. Interesting Picture Product
Give your large picture product , or the picture of your factory and shop to attract attention customer, give it bright colors, like what Kenny Rigers Roaster did, they provide photo even list of food product which will served on the menu, did you fill hungry by looking at the picture? Yes right this is interesting picture and evocative your appetite. Contact your photographers to make some nice shoot of your product.

social media brand strategy

3. Offering franchise
If your company have offering franchise, you can input it into menu advertising brand on your website. This maybe more interesting because you offer other city or other country to get your produk more easier, in this menu you can give the terms of being a member of franchise, or the profit obtained by becoming a member. As the Circle K did.

social media brand strategy

Step 5. Link Your Website to Facebook or Twitter

After your website has finished then you can use your facebook account or twitter to link it. Why you have to link it to facebook or twitter? Because Facebook and Twitter is the most popular social media, this is the one way to introduce your brand to society.


However, this is just the first steps. But this simple steps will help you out to guide in system to track the result your marketing effort. Get your social media strategy in place, so you can start reaping the benefits this marketing tool brings. Did you have tried the steps above? Please share your experience about your first steps in promoting your brand on social media with us.

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– Written by Ratih –

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