Interesting Instagram Statistics 2021 (Infographic)

Instagram – the platform was originally launched way back in 2010, and ever since then, there has been only one direction. This platform’s growth has amazed almost everyone, from the influencers to the numerous brands offering a lot of marketing opportunities.

It is evident that if you wish to explore the Instagram marketplace, you need to know the different data and facts about using this platform. When you have the right data, you will gain more audience as a brand or influencer.

Today, Instagram is a popular choice amongst most other platforms, and it would be fair to say that the application has surpassed most other social networking sites.

Key Instagram Statistics 2021

#1. Instagram User Stats

The latest data and trends show that Instagram has a monthly average of 1 billion users from all over the world. Three countries top the chart with a total of 300 million-plus users. The USA leads the race with almost 130 million users, followed by India and Brazil with 100 million and 90 million, respectively.

According to multiple other data available, almost 22% of the total internet users have an account on Instagram. It is almost equal to 26% of the entire social media users available on the platform. Almost 12% of the world’s total population is active on the Instagram platform, to be fair.

This is not where Instagram stops. It also comes with impressive stats and figures. The monthly user count is indeed nearly equal to the total population in North America and Europe combined.

#2. Instagram Stats for Posts

Instagram posts are always the key to engage more with the social circle. Data and stats show that the relative number of hashtags a post can come up with is around 30. These hashtags are beneficial to increase the levels of engagement.

Coming over to brands, at least 90% of the total users on Instagram do consider following at least one brand of their choice. This is why Instagram has become the most engaging platform for brands with their selection.

#3. Instagram Stats for brands

Most of the users on Instagram do tend to explore different fields. On average, most people do prefer the travel industry with 45% of followers. Apart from the travel industry, music has an interest of 44% and food and drink with 43% which is great to explore.

On a count, social media influencers have found a way to deal with the Instagram platform. For almost 5 million influencers, Instagram has been the go-to place to work on. Over 39% of accounts have more than 15K followers on Instagram.

Coming over to the use of business and brands on Instagram, it was first introduced in 2016. These business profiles come with advanced analytics, and it helps you understand the key insights of your post’s reach.

Instagram ads are the key route to success for brands. With multiple options like photo ads, video ads, story ads, 5 types of ads are available on the platform. Over than 25000 Instagram accounts have posted an advertisement on this platform.

Another interesting fact about brands on Instagram is that most people do come over to interact with brands. Over 78% of the people do follow brands as the popular choice. Almost 805 do find a fundamental interest in E-commerce sections as well.

#4. Instagram Account Stats

When it comes to Instagram accounts, the platform offers almost 5 accounts per device to switch over to. This becomes very helpful for most brands to switch to multiple interpretations and create opportunities.

Instagram has set up a limit to increase transparency on the application. This app provides an option of following multiple accounts from any user. However, the limit set up is close to 7500 holders.

The official account of instagram has the most followers, with a total of 385 million. The only account closer to this mark is Cristiano Ronaldo, who just crossed the 250 million mark followers on Instagram.

#5. Instagram Story statistics

Instagram’s story feature is another added on experience for most people. It is said that it took around 6 months for Instagram to take over Snapchat’s rate in common words. It was first introduced back in the year of 2016.

The advent of Instagram stories is huge today. It is estimated that most people do focus on multiple stories, and as a result, there are around 500 million Instagram stories posted every day.

When it comes to influencer marketing, nothing beats the stats and facts of using Instagram stories as an option. By far, it is the second most popular method for marketing just after Instagram feeds.

Brands always do make great use of stories and posts that are available on the Instagram platform. It is said that almost 2.5 stories do come from every brand in a day. Moreover, one-third of the total stories posted are from business accounts.

#6. Instagram video statistics

The live video future of Instagram is a great way for marketing influencers and brands to connect with their audience. It is also widely used all over the world. Data suggest that a live video can be 60 minutes long.

The IGTV video from Instagram is a new future. To upload videos, you need to have a separate IGTV application. The video can be up to 60 minutes long as well.

Regular video posts on Instagram can be up to 60 seconds, while that of a simple story can be as long as up to 5 seconds. Instagram reels also have similar stats.

Here is the infographic:

instagram statistics


Instagram has always been one of the most favorable networking places for people. Because of a high engagement rate, brands have preferred choosing Instagram as a potential source of generating an audience. But it’s not possible if you do not have professional data and stats.

The above-mentioned stats are just there for you to help to find out the suitable conditions to promote. All the data mentioned may change by the time that you are reading this. All this information was gathered by Techiepassion.

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