Top 11 Professional Photoshop Services Review

Are you looking for trustworthy Photoshop services? In fact, nowadays the market is full of photo editing companies where the experts aren’t qualified but claim to be professionals. If you don’t want to fall for the trick of second-rate services, check out this post.

I have approached 11 Photoshop services, made an order for photo editing, reviewed the result and now I am ready to share my thoughts and feedback.

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#1. Ephotovn


Price: Starting at $0.30 – $8.00

Ephotovn, for me, offered the best value for money when it comes to image editing services. The turnaround time is less than 24 hours, and the quality of their edits is very high at a very low cost.

Their team consists of professional editors that are experienced in working with images of all types and sizes. This agency offers a comprehensive set of services including newborn photo retouching, headshot photo retouching, background removal services, portrait photo retouching, maternity photo retouching, e-commerce photo editing, and real estate photo editing.

Another unique feature that sets Ephotovn apart from its competitors is its unlimited revisions policy. This means that you can ask for as many changes or tweaks as necessary until you are 100% satisfied with your photos – all at no extra cost! You’ll have peace of mind knowing that they can always get help should any issues arise afterward.

With EphotoVN’s unbeatable combination of affordability, speed, quality, flexibility, and customer service; it’s easy to see why more people are choosing them over other photo editing services!

You can visit their website and get a trial of services for free.

#2. FixThePhoto


Price: Starting at $0,20

FixThePhoto photoshop services are widely used and known among photographers and photo retouchers but I have never approached the company before this review.

Their Photoshop services are quite varied – from wedding and portrait to real estate and jewelry photography editing.

When editing images in Photoshop, the team follows the individual style of the client based on the examples provided. In case you wish to take a look at the examples of Photoshop edits made by the FixThePhoto experts, click on the “Examples” tab.

The prices for services start from $0,20 to $25 per shot – it all depends on the client’s order. I think that their price/quality ratio is excellent, especially in comparison with other companies.

The photo I received pleasantly surprised me. I got exactly what I asked for. You can clearly see that the FixThePhoto retouchers are skillful users of Photoshop and they know what they are doing. I really like the performed color correction, flawless skin and makeup retouching.

The neat contour of the hair deserves special attention. The retouchers didn’t just remove the stray hairs but also used the Liquify Tool to smooth the hair for a more beautiful contour.

Summing Up: The work of the retouchers in Photoshop is truly on point. They did exactly what I would do if I was the one who was retouching the shot.

#3. WeEdit.Photos


Price: $0.2-$10

WeEditPhotos boasts a large team of photo editing experts who aspire to provide clients with qualitative Adobe Photoshop services. The list of services is quite extensive. So, it is sure to satisfy the needs of beginning and experienced photographers along with specialists from other spheres who require the highest image quality.

The examples made by the WeEditPhotos retouchers are found in the “Portfolio” section. I was impressed by the way they are categorized.

I got the edited shot on time, in 24 hours. I also like the effective work of customer support. As for the pricing plans at WeEditPhotos, they will be quite clear for each client.

The final result exceeded my expectations, it looked absolutely stunning. Way to go, WeEditPhotos! The team performed all the steps – from skin retouching to color correction at a highly professional level.

My favorite part about the edit is eye and skin retouching. No spots or blemishes are visible. The WeEditPhotos retouchers know their stuff perfectly.

Summing Up: The company deservedly occupies the first positions on various top lists of photo editing companies. The edit I have received proves that.

#4. Wedding-Retouching


Price: $0.05-$10

Wedding-Retouching is another Photoshop service that has pleased me with the high quality of results. It is specialized mainly in wedding photography editing.

Find the examples of edits in the “Gallery” tab on the company’s website. Look through all of them and you will feel more inclined to place an order.

The company provides 5 levels of picture retouching, such as Color Correction, Culling, Simple Edit, Pro Edit and Advanced Edit, with the prices from $0.05 to $10.

I received my order promptly – in two days. The managers from customer support are ready to respond and provide help 24/7 in multiple languages.

I don’t have any complaints concerning the quality of the result. It is obvious that the company is concentrated mostly on wedding retouching. The color correction and the overall photoshopping is performed in the peculiar style of this service.

The skin retouching is especially remarkable. The retouchers made the skin soft, smooth and didn’t blur significant elements. If you zoom in, you will notice that the texture is preserved, and the skin retains its natural look.

Summing Up: The company deserves high praise due to the skilled team who performs picture retouching at the level of high-end magazines.

#5. HighEndBeautyRetouching


Price: $10-$150

One more great Photoshop service that I would like to give credit to is HighEndBeautyRetouching.

The company’s portfolio, which is found in the Portfolio Tab, is full of gorgeous, professionally-made edits.

The company offers four levels of services: High-End Retouching Level, Ultra High-End, Magazine Level and Ultra Magazine Level. A client may have an unlimited number of pictures edited.

The website features an informative FAQ page, with a detailed answer to each question and a thorough explanation of a certain process.

The lowest price per shot is $10, which is quite reasonable, especially if we take into consideration the highest quality of the provided services. HighEndBeautyRetouching was the only company to add sharpening to the shot, thus making it clearer.

I am satisfied with the result of picture retouching, it is exactly what I expected from this company. The retouchers managed to eliminate stray hair, achieve the smooth skin while preserving the details. The edited shot looks appealing.

Summing Up: Proficient Photoshop retouchers and quick turnaround time are the strong points of this company. You won’t regret it if you decide to approach its services.

#6. Tucia

Tucia Photo Editing Services

Price: Starting at $8

Tucia is another company that claims to provide professional Photoshop services. The website doesn’t feature a lot of examples of edits – around 20 of them. To be honest, only 4 examples look great. The other edits seem kind of old-fashioned and poorly made.

The pricing system of this company is rather uncommon. The prices are presented in credits – weird, isn’t it? One credit costs $8, and the prices are divided into 1 and 3 credits. That is, $8 and $24, which is rather expensive for this sphere.

I received the edited shot in due time. All in all, it looks acceptable, but I noticed several imperfections.

The retouchers applied color correction, blurred skin and eliminated stray hair. What about skin retouching? Apparently, the Tucia team hasn’t properly mastered this complicated skill in Photoshop just yet.

Summing Up: The overall result is more or less decent. But the disadvantages I described spoiled the general impression of the service. That’s not what I expected, so Tucia isn’t getting a high mark from me.

#7. ProPhotoshopExpert


Price: $5-$10

ProPhotoshopExpert service has nothing to do with professional Photoshop services.

Let’s start with the advantages of this company. The interface of the website isn’t overloaded with text, it is clear and simple. You have a chance to look through the before/after examples of edits.

The process of placing an order isn’t difficult at all. Once the order was confirmed, I received the edited shot in a day, which is fast.

Now let’s move on to the disadvantages. Very often, people tend to go overboard with retouching pictures in Photoshop. They become so keen on achieving that ideal look that the final result appears totally unnatural. That’s the issue of the retouchers of this company.

The edited shot has too much blur and haze. Moreover, the skin doesn’t look healthy. When I was placing an order, I requested color correction and picture retouching. The retouchers neglected my request and only removed some hair, blurred the skin and increased highlights.

Summing Up: The level of Photoshop services provided by the company is unacceptable. It seems to me that the retouchers work not in Photoshop but in a mobile image editor.

#8. ColorExpertsBD


Price: Starting at $2,15

The design of the website is rather old-fashioned. The content of the site is disappointing as well.

Before/after examples of edits are placed on one page. There are more than enough of them, but their size and quality look questionable. The edits are poorly made, and that’s probably why you can’t zoom them in.

The price list brings confusion as well. The way it is categorized seems strange, to say the least. The prices for Adobe Photoshop services are quite high.

The only thing I like is the effective work of customer support.

The retouchers didn’t stick to the instructions I indicated. I didn’t notice any picture retouching performed. I received the edited shot within 48 hours, which is fast, as a rule. But they didn’t do much to the shot, so it made me wonder what took them so long.

The retouchers lightened only the upper area of the portrait, that’s why the skin tone appears uneven. The color of the face is brighter than the rest of the body!

Summing Up: I would rate the Photoshop services of this company as below average.

#9. ClippingPanda


Price: $2,99-$7,99

The main specialization of Clipping Panda website is clipping path services. Also, the company offers color correction and Photoshop services.

Looking at their website, it may seem that they are professionals in the sphere. In fact, it is far from reality. I still can’t believe that this company has decided to provide Photoshop services. I didn’t receive the edited shot in due time, and no one contacted me on the matter.

The final result is, honestly, cringeworthy. I felt like I wasted my time and money.

The retouchers didn’t do anything to the skin and simply applied color correction.

You can tell if a retoucher is a professional or an amateur by the way they work with skin texture. The ClippingPanda team thinks that skin retouching means blurring it, which is a glaring rookie mistake.

Summing Up: It seems to me that the company’s retouchers didn’t work in Photoshop before. I know amateur photographers who can edit in Photoshop at a better level than ClippingPanda can.

#10. NudeRetouching


Price: $5-$15

The main specialization of NudeRetouching is boudoir and nude photography.

The company’s website features numerous before/after examples of edits. You can zoom in and observe them in full detail.

Besides color correction and culling, the company provides a number of picture editing levels. Clients may pick from Standard to Complete+ level.

I got a retouched shot in approximately 48 hours. There is an opportunity to use The Rush Service and have up to 50 photos edited in one day. The company’s Photoshop services cost +50% plus their regular picture retouching prices. To contact customer support, find an online chat window in the bottom right corner of the website. Or you may communicate with the manager via Facebook.

I would describe the work of the retouchers as flawless. The final edit and turnaround time were more than satisfying. I like the harmonious look of the model’s skin, color correction and stray hair elimination. Harmony in picture post-processing is the main sign of a good Photoshop retoucher.

The retouchers definitely know their way around the Liquify tool. They enhanced the nose and jawline a bit in order to achieve an ideal look.

Summing Up: I highly recommend this company due to the skillful work of retouchers in Photoshop, the speed and efficiency of the provided result.

#11. SmartPhotoEditors


Price: starting at $0,35

This company is absolutely not in line with what they claim on their website. Everything from the quality of edited shots to the speed of their delivery and communication with technical support is just terrible.

The first thing that I find suspicious is that they have a very small portfolio. It almost doesn’t feature any qualitative edits. Usually, after viewing such edits, I decide not to use the service. But this time, I gave it a try and I regretted it.

I was appalled by the result of picture retouching. According to the site, the company’s team consists of skillful Photoshop experts. However, when looking at the edited shot, I can’t help but think that the retouchers’ children made that edit.

The color correction is performed poorly. The retouchers went overboard with increasing highlights and didn’t fix the exposure properly. The same as with the previously mentioned Photoshop service, no one has retouched the skin. The original shot looks way better than the one edited by SmartPhotoEditors.

Summing Up: Stay away from this company if you need realistic Photoshop services.

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