Why Stockfresh is Slowly Turning Into an Established Stock Photo Providing Organization?

“A Picture speaks a thousand words”, none but a true photo critic can understand the true meaning of the statement. Let me introduce you to one who knows photos better than anyone around you. The stock photo site – Stockfresh is indeed meant just for the photo fanatics. Read on to find out more.

There are certain licensed images out there, stock photos as they are called which cannot be used without the photographer’s permission. Most of these stock photos are clicked for private use or for some organization by a photographer. If one needs to use these images for some individual use, then they can buy photos from Stockfresh. Stockfresh is the new stock photo organization on the block, specializing in providing stock photos, graphics and vector illustrations.

Stockfresh Free Images

Stockfresh is helped by its network of stock photographs. It has access to over 1.2 million stock photos and is committed to providing excellent images with vivid clarity. It provides a fresh approach for buying those stock photos, as the money is distributed to the photographers who actually own the photograph.

Vector illustrations are the newest trend today. These images can be scale and zoomed to any extent without changing the clarity of the picture even one bit. Regular bitmap images are prone to improper clarity considering scaling of a bitmap image results in loss of precision. Stockfresh also hosts vector illustrations for different photos.

How to buy

To buy stock photos from Stockfresh, credit system is implemented. The photos are available on a credit basis. The cost of 1 credit is around $1. The cost of an image depends on the stock photo itself, its resolution and other important factors. It is recommended to buy images from Stockfresh, as they offer best discount prices and the option of buying photos at an affordable price in bulk is also available. Also affiliate program has been designed by Stockfresh which gives 10% of the the money from the sale of stock photos, to its affiliate partners. Advertising the links from Stockfresh on one’s own website, decent earning can be generated. Stockfresh, al-in-all provides a fresh and innovative approach to the concept of buying stock photos.

Image Examples

Please check these, some of their most popular images:

Stockfresh Free Images

Stockfresh Free Images

Stockfresh Free Images

Stockfresh Free Images

If you like what they do, you can follow them @stockfresh on Twitter or Facebook.

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    Stock photos provide a wealth of visual resources for designers, marketers, and content creators, saving time and enhancing the quality of projects. Their steadily gaining recognition as a reputable photo provider, and it’s no surprise given the benefits of such platforms. They offer a vast selection, including gems like lake murray images catering to diverse creative needs.

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