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29 Unique Ticket Business Card Designs Style

Unique Ticket Business Cards
Posted October 22nd, 2016 in Inspiration by Eko S

Business card is still the effective ways to promote your business when you meet some people or attend a business event.

With business card you want to develop professional connections and help people remember you.

How to make your business card stands out? Since they almost are always look the same: They’re white, include basic contact information, and are almost universally the same size.

Ticket business cards or ticket cut style business card is the one way to make you stands out. A simple rectangle with a few notches cut out gives a more interesting appearance than straight edges.

Here, in this post I’ve put together a collection of 29 awesome ticket business card designs for your inspiration.

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12 Steps in Creating the Perfect Logo Design (Infographic)

Creating The Perfect Logo Designs
Posted October 20th, 2016 in Articles by Eko S

You just got a logo project. Then, what the next steps? To design a beautifully and briliantly simple designed logo that clients wish they had one like it.

Creating the perfect logo design it takes hard works bags of confidence and a steely determination.

Since every single logo project is different, just as every client is different. So there really isn’t a standard logo template for pulling it off.

But, how about if you can create a system, step-by-step process for designing a winning brand logo every time?

Here, Fabrik Brands with the team have the 12 Top Logo Design Tips in this easy to follow infographic.

The tips below is based on their many years of experience working on logo design projects.

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Freebie: Team Alpha Logo Template (AI, EPS)

Posted October 15th, 2016 in Freebies by Yahya

Today, we have a cool freebie for you. TEAM ALPHA LOGO TEMPLATE – A free with premium quality logo.

With a wolf – a fierce hunter animal in the logo, that symbolizes power, confidence, endurance, intelligence and freedom.

This logo template is perfect for company that are into adventure tourism, sports team and gear, security services and more. Continue Reading »

15 Simple and Elegant WordPress Themes for Writers

Best WordPress Themes for Writers
Posted October 13th, 2016 in Inspiration by Eko S

You are a writer or an aspiring writer. The best way to display your content so it can be read by all people in the world is to write it on a website.

And WordPress is the most comprehensive platform today that helps to create any kind of website you wish to and most of the business are preferring WordPress for creating their website.

What are the criterias of best writer website? Less is more, white space is vital – fewer flashy design elements, and more focus on the stuff that really matters – your content. Responsive layout and have a good typography.

In this collection, I’ll showcase 15 of the best and tailor-made WordPress Themes for Writers like you. This list is extensive and can be used by both novice writers and seasoned professionals.

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How To Create a Strong Identity (Infographic)

How To Create A Strong Identity-cover
Posted October 8th, 2016 in Articles by Eko S

Do you know how your brand is doing? Does your business have a brand identity?

A brand is the most valuable assets of a business.

It reveals the consumer’s knowledge about the existence of the brand and its repeated exposure of the identity draws instant attention from people.

So creating a strong identity and using it properly and consistently is essential to building loyalty.

To guide you build a competitive and strong identity, Dubai Monsters has released this infographic which defines the basic elements to considered and follow, from building a story-board of visual references to monitoring your brand’s success.

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45 Amazing Examples of Folded or Origami Logo Designs

Folded Origami Logo Design Collection
Posted October 6th, 2016 in Inspiration by Eko S

Origami is a traditional japanese art of paper folding. In the art of origami the artist would create a single animal or shape from a sheet of paper using precise folds and creases.

And use the origami style in your logo design can represent precision, delicacy, imagination and attention to detail whilst also suggesting shapes, objects, animals and letters.

Since a good logo design should express the message that you want to the target market. It keeps on reminding the customers of your presence in the market.

Here’s the collection of 45 Amazing Examples of Origami style Logo Designs for your Inspiration. Continue Reading »

Online Branding Requires Regular Maintenance

Branding Strategies
Posted September 28th, 2016 in Articles by Eko S

Finding Services That Offer A Full Range Of Online Marketing Options.

Remaining competitive in the current business environment virtually requires some form of internet marketing. Remaining lucrative requires cutting-edge techniques be applied. Remaining ahead of the pack means catching trend waves before your competition does.

The only way to do this successfully is through utilization of a cogent website design organization which specializes in branding and internet marketing. There are a number of services you should expect from the right company, several of which will be exposited here. Continue Reading »

A Resume The Right Way (Infographic)

resume the right way
Posted September 18th, 2016 in Articles by Eko S

In today, the world digitally driven work environment, a resume/cv still important to help you get a dream job.

Statistics from BrandResume.com show that 89% of employers will not hire a candidate who does not have a Resume.

Also a recent study by TheLadders found that hiring managers spending just six seconds looking at a resume before deciding whether the applicant is worth further consideration.

So getting your resume right is essential for your career success.

This infographic by DegreeQuery.com will covers the resume design tips about what to include, what not to do and how to improve your chances to excel and impress the recruiter. Continue Reading »

Freebie: Amont Resume Template (PSD)

Amont Resume Template
Posted September 13th, 2016 in Freebies by Yahya

Today we’re happy to share another cool freebie for you, a free resume template with premium quality design – Amont Resume Template.

A single page resume PSD template that easy to customize to perfectly fit your needs.

And come with very clean and elegant design in 3 custom colors.

This resume is the fast and flexible solution for anyone looking for a professional looking resume. Continue Reading »

Best Minimalist Portfolio WordPress Themes for Logo Designer

best minimal portfolio wordpress themes
Posted September 9th, 2016 in Inspiration by Eko S

How to catch the people attention to your portfolio logo designs?

Minimalism can be described as the stripping away of all unnecessary elements and focusing on what needs to be there.

In this sense, minimalism encourages purpose.

So minimalism in your portfolio website will help the visitors focus on your logo portfolio without any distraction.

This collection will guide you to find The Best Minimalist Portfolio WordPress Themes for Logo Designer.

Featured with a simple way to organize and display your work, along with attractive typography and design options.

Let’s take a look! Continue Reading »

24 No-Nonsense Logo Design Tips for Small Business Owner (Infographic)

Small Business Logo Design Tips Infographic
Posted September 2nd, 2016 in Articles by Eko S

A good logo for small business owner is very important and critical to make a good first impression to your consumers.

Since it the first people see when entering your site or read your ads campaign.

Otherwise, a poor design might sour that first impression and make customers distrust you from the start.

Beside that, your logo should reflect your brand’s identity and purpose, not just your personal taste and preferences.

And here, the team at DesignMatic.com have 24 No-Nonsense Logo Design Tips for Small Business owner to help you design a high-quality and stands out logo.

Let’s find out! Continue Reading »

Freebie: LionKing Logo Template (AI, EPS)

Free LionKing Logo Template (AI, EPS)
Posted August 31st, 2016 in Freebies by Yahya

Hi, we have another great and premium quality freebie for you – LionKing Logo Template.

A professional logo that inspired from our latest design inspiration post: Best Lion Logos. The template is available in Adobe Illustrator AI and EPS format. And would be great for a large variety of uses (Creatives, Companies, Business, etc) for corporate but also perfect for personal use. Continue Reading »

11 Best WordPress Landing Page Themes for Event and Conference

Best Event WordPress Landing Page Themes
Posted August 26th, 2016 in Inspiration by Eko S

Do you run an event, conference or meetups?

So you need an attractive and effective landing page for a successful marketing campaign.

The landing pages have one goal: clear out the distractions and let your page focus on one thing – conversion. Customers click, people buy, and you make revenue.

But, how to make a high converting landing page?

Like have a killer headline, also persuasive subheadline, use relevant and big picture, strong call to action, etc. You can learn more here: 12 Essentials of a High Converting Landing Page by Neil Patel.

Here, let’s take a look 11 of the Best WordPress Landing Page Themes to help you build professional website to promote your events. Enjoy! Continue Reading »

60 Best Lion Logos for Your Design Inspiration

best lion logos
Posted August 24th, 2016 in Inspiration by Yahya

The lions are believed to symbolize pride, strength, bravery and power.

And one of the main characteristics of a lion is protective, a lion always protect his cubs, pride and teritory.

These are qualities that any company would desire and hope to portray to their customers and competitors.

Here, we have collected 62 of the Best Lion Logos that will bring you some creative ideas for your next logo design project. Take a look at these logos and be creative to represent a brand as being the king of the jungle. Enjoy! Continue Reading »

8 Steps to Design The Perfect Business Card (Infographic)

Business Card Design Tips Cover
Posted August 18th, 2016 in Articles by Eko S

Your business card is still one of the essential factors for your business success, since it’s a potential customer’s first contact with your business.

But how to win the customers? Your business card isn’t about just telling people about your contact. It should encourage them to find out more about you and what you do.

Here in this infographic by the team at CompanyFolders.com, we’ll take a look at 8 steps to design a perfect business card.

You’ll learn everything from how to make edible cards, pick the right imprint method, or just format your files. Let’s take a look! Continue Reading »

17 Ready to Print Minimalist Business Card Templates

17 Minimal Business Card Templates
Posted August 13th, 2016 in Inspiration by Eko S

Your business card should make an excellent first impression about you and your business.

And minimalist business card design type will help you. Since it provide provide several advantage: give the impression of modern, stylish and luxurious design.

No matter if you are a doctor or a photographer, the minimalistic style fits any kind of business, good for keeping everything concise and right to the point.

In this post we’re featuring 17 ready to print, customizable and cheap minimal business card templates for you.

Start to give someone something to remember you by, today! Continue Reading »

Freebie: Modern Corporate Business Card Template (PSD)

free corporate business card template
Posted August 9th, 2016 in Freebies by Yahya

Hi, here we have created an exclusive and free modern corporate business card template for you.

A double sided corporate business card template. Come with 3 custom colors (Blue, Orange and Green). available in Photoshop PSD format and would be great for a large variety of uses (Creatives, Companies, Business, etc) for corporate but also perfect for personal use. Continue Reading »

The Psychological Meaning Behind Shapes in Logo Design (Infographic)

Posted August 5th, 2016 in Articles by Eko S

Beside the colors and fonts to use in your logo design. It is important to pick the right shape to help reflect your brand’s services effectively when designing a logo.

They help to define or reinforce our perception of the brand, as much if not more than the colors used. Squares, lines, and triangles can suggest structure, strength, balance, and organization. While circles imply positivity, relationships, and community.

To learn more, check out the infographic below created by FreeLogoServices.com and the team. To explain the psychological meaning behind the different shapes and how shapes influence our perception of a brand. Continue Reading »

Weekly Best Logo Designs (N.7)

Weekly Creative Logos
Posted July 31st, 2016 in Inspiration by Eko S

This is our weekly creative logo designs series. As we see on Dribbble, everyday logo designers around the world share their works. It’s really inspired and encouraged us to share it with you.

Here, in this post you’ll find our favorite and really inspiring logo designs from the past last week.

In this week, we have 27 The Most Creative Logo Designs from various logo styles: hand lettering, iconic, simple minimalist, monogram, using illustration and more.

I hope this collection, will inspired you too for your next logo design projects. Enjoy! Continue Reading »

5 Things to Consider Before Designing a Logo for Your Mobile Application

Mobile App Logo Design Consideration
Posted July 29th, 2016 in Articles by Guest Author

Designing an appropriate logo for your mobile application is one of the most important steps in the mobile app development process.

The logo of your mobile application reflects the identity of your brand.

It is one of the elements that enhance uniqueness in your mobile application.

A mobile application’s logo is the first thing users see and the way you present your brand really defines how customers will perceive it. Continue Reading »

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