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An Introduction of a Brand New Logo Design Awards Site

Posted July 13th, 2016 in News by Eko S

We recently came across a logo awards site called Logo Wave International.

Logo Wave is a unique logo design awards site that rewards designers in “waves”.

The best part?

A generous $300.00 prize to the winner of each wave at an industry low $12/logo entry. Continue Reading »

Cheap $5 Custom Logo Design Services Compared: Fiverr vs. Logo123

Cheap Logo Design
Posted September 17th, 2015 in News by Eko S

When it comes to cheap logo design, two companies are leading the way by offering custom logo design service starting at just 5 bucks. Fiverr is an online service marketplace that offers logo design and everything else starting at $5. Logo123.com is a website dedicated to $5 custom logo design and can promise to deliver you logo in less than 60 minutes. Continue Reading »

Giveaway Contest: Great chance to Win 1 of 3 WordPress Themes by InkThemes

Free WordPress Themes Giveaway
Posted September 2nd, 2015 in News by Eko S

Great news for all iBrandStudio readers and WordPress lovers. Today you have a great opportunity to get a premium WordPress theme for free!

We have an awesome WordPress Themes giveaway by InkThemes – Best Responsive WordPress Themes. Continue Reading »

Coventos: Free Assets for Designers, Developers and 3D Artists

Free Designer Assets
Posted July 24th, 2015 in News by Eko S

A new marketplace, Coventos.com, just launched. It features digital assets for designers, developers, 3D artists…

There are free and paid assets. Ninety-five percent of the site will be free assets. New assets are added all the time to keep up with demand and trends. The design team are both in-house and freelance, produce high quality stock photos, icons, graphics, vectors, 3D models and renders and much more. Continue Reading »

Giveaway: 3 Awesome Premium WordPress Themes from TeslaThemes

Posted July 15th, 2014 in News by Eko S

Hi, we have a good news for you. Today TeslaThemes has cooperation with us to release a cool giveaway contest. 3 lucky iBrandStudio readers each will get 3 Awesome Premium WordPress Themes from TeslaThemes collection. Read on for details and how you can get a chance win this giveaway contest. Continue Reading »

IM Free: Free Photos for Creative Designers

Free Creative Photos
Posted April 21st, 2014 in News by Eko S

Let’s face it, microstock agencies are a thing of the past. When was the last time you immediately found pixel perfect images to use in your projects? And how many other people used the very same ones? Genuine imagery is rare, and much too popular. As a matter of fact, low-quality photos make up most of today’s market – and they’re not just kitschy, but shamelessly overpriced as well. Continue Reading »

Create New Websites with a Cool Tool

Website-Builder Review
Posted February 12th, 2014 in News by Eko S

Only a few years ago, the only way to launch a website involved the combined skills of a designer and a developer. The first would determine how the site ought to look like, and the second would generate HTML code meant to render the design applicable on a popular CMS.

The downside of this tradition is that manual coding takes a lot of time, and a large share of the budget to begin with. So, when online services took the scene, they enabled individuals to strike up their own sites in a simple process that ignored coding, spared costs, and took very little time to complete. I am going to illustrate how easy it is to work with the finest example of a free do-it-yourself website builder. Continue Reading »

Empowering Professional Web Designers Around The World to Design Freely & Code-Free

Webydo Review
Posted January 3rd, 2014 in News by Eko S

Creating websites involves two sets of tasks – designing and coding. While the designer handles the site’s look and feel, graphics and typography the coder takes care of coding HTML, CSS and other programming languages. A website needs to both look impeccable and have full functionality. Presently, 70% of the budget is handed over the coders. Designers have long tried going solo and the way out seems to be amateur DIY website builders. But this has yielded limited success as most site builders that promise code free web development fail to deliver expected results. To quote stats, only 3% of sites are built using these site builders. Continue Reading »

471 Premium Design Resources for Free from InkyDeals.com!

Free Premium Design Resources
Posted December 19th, 2013 in News by Eko S

Inky Deals is one of the leading deals websites in the design community, with an extended family of more than 300,000 design enthusiasts. It’s the place to go if you want to buy premium resources at unbeatable prices, whether you’re a graphic or web designer, developer, or business owner looking to improve yourself and your work. Continue Reading »

Get High Quality Printing Services at Day2DayPrinting.com

Day2dayPrinting.com review
Posted August 6th, 2013 in News by Eko S

In today’s advanced world if we look in the business market, we will find that almost every business requires printing on regular basis. Often companies use different materials for advertising and marketing. Most of the print materials require printing on a regular basis.

The cost of printing all materials can really add up and companies might end up on low profit rates. Fortunately, online printing companies offer cost effective printing services that has proved to be quite beneficial for major companies and they are ending on high profit rates. Day2Day Printing offers cost effective ways to print all required documents with custom creations and prompt delivery services. Continue Reading »

Giveaway: Free 5 Licenses of IconShock Icons (Worth $199 each!)

Free IconShock Licenses Giveaway
Posted July 15th, 2013 in News by Eko S

Hi, we have a cool giveaway contest for you today. IconShock, the largest icon design company with more than 1 million icons giving 5 licenses $199 worth each one to get access to all the collection of their icons. Continue Reading »

Comments Off on Today Lazy Designers Feast – There’s a New Library Of Premium UI Kits And Design Resources

Today Lazy Designers Feast – There’s a New Library Of Premium UI Kits And Design Resources

PixelKit Premium Web UI Kit
Posted June 18th, 2013 in News by Eko S

Okay, I know designers are nowhere near lazy. But making our work just a bit easier every day is surely a desirable skill to possess.

Take, for instance, the UI kits you put on your projects – buttons, icons, sliders, visual controls and other design elements. How long does it take to get them created? If you’re a perfectionist then it’s probably way too long… Am I right? Continue Reading »

New Resume Design Service Creates Dazzling Results for Job Hunters

Resume Design Service
Posted June 7th, 2013 in News by Eko S

As a new design service, ResumeBaker.com is helping people to finally transform their old MS word resumes into incredibly designed, professional-looking documents that better reflect the creativity and personality of the individual worker. The resume is the most important document of your whole career. So why not invest a small amount of money in order to finally have a creative CV you can be proud to distribute to influential people within your professional field. Continue Reading »

Adobe Illustrator Considered as Best Graphic Design Software

Adobe Illustrator
Posted April 23rd, 2013 in News by Eko S

Design has gain great importance in web world as it is observed that people focus on the visuals pretty much. Initially, people created basic HTML websites and they didn’t have many options to form attractive web designs or graphics. But these days’ latest tools and software offer great deal of functionalities and tools using which web and graphic designers are creating highly effective and creative designs. The basic thing behind any design is its idea and the most important concern is to implement that idea, if you don’t have designing skills and proper tools, you might not be able to implement your design which is why most smart web designers opt to learn latest tools and software. Continue Reading »

Comments Off on Tips for Buying Cheap Handbags

Tips for Buying Cheap Handbags

Buy Handbags Tips
Posted April 22nd, 2013 in News by Eko S

Did you know that the way a woman holds her handbag can tell a lot about her personality? According to American author Patti wood a woman who holds her handbag tightly under her arm in the armpit vice is displaying a look of awkwardness. Trendy handbags play a crucial role in every woman’s life and are a major fashion accessory. Since designer handbags come with hefty price tags, more and more women are opting to purchase cheap handbags that are inspired by the designer labels and look quite stylish.. Here are certain tips to buy trendy handbags that suit your requirements and fit in your budget too. Continue Reading »

Comments Off on Premier Gifts Offers a Wide Range of Wall Clocks & Desktop Clocks

Premier Gifts Offers a Wide Range of Wall Clocks & Desktop Clocks

Classic clock macro shot by wide angle lens
Posted March 24th, 2013 in News by Eko S

Time is precious and holds great importance for each one of us. It is rightly said that “time waits for none” and especially in today’s fast moving world, valuing time is even more important. Clocks and other time pieces help us keep up with the world. They are so important for us that we keep them on all the rooms in our house. We use clocks in our workplaces too. These clocks do not just tell us time and keep us updated, but also serve as great decorative pieces and gifting items. We at Premier Gifts understand the importance of your time. We also care a lot about your gifting taste. Thus we have brought to you a range of different clocks ranging from various designs of wall clocks to desktop clocks. Continue Reading »

Comments Off on Buy Januvia from a Reputed Canadian Pharmacy

Buy Januvia from a Reputed Canadian Pharmacy

Posted March 19th, 2013 in News by Eko S

According to the World Health Organization, about 347 million people worldwide have diabetes. The major causes of this global epidemic are overweight, obesity and physical inactivity amongst people. Type II diabetes or the non insulin dependent diabetes is a major problem affecting people across the world and needs to be controlled with medicines that can control the blood sugar level of the patients. Januvia whose generic name is sitagliptin is an oral antihyperglycemic medicine used for treatment of diabetes. This prescription medicine is helpful in controlling the insulin level of a person. Januvia, manufactured by Merck and Co can easily be procured from a contracted Canadian pharmacy and international fulfillment centers. Continue Reading »

Find Cheap Reliable Web Hosting from Best-Cheap-Hosting.com

Find Reliable Web Hosting
Posted March 14th, 2013 in News by Eko S

best-cheap-hosting.com is the website which has very simple and user-friendly interface and tons of valuable and popular hosting resources for people to take reference.

No matter they are business owners who need a reliable hosting service to ensure their website fast loading speed and always be available to visitors, or they are personal bloggers who want a cheap hosting to keep their blogs running.

All of them can take advantage from best-cheap-hosting.com. Continue Reading »

DXThemes – Responsive Website Template Shop Review

DXThemes Review
Posted March 7th, 2013 in News by Eko S

Build a website today is very easy, by using WordPress it takes you less than 30 minutes for a new website to be ready. But one of the important factor is when you are faced to choose the best, original, high-quality and inexpensive themes for your site. Proper selection of your theme will help you to get visitors attention.

Continue Reading »

Giveaway: 3 Premium WordPress Themes from ThemeFuse

WordPress Theme Giveaway Contest
Posted February 22nd, 2013 in News by Eko S

The ThemeFuse consultants want to share 3 WordPress themes licenses with our loyal readers. Today we are offering a free giveaway to show our appreciation.

Today’s winner will receive a free download of the WordPress theme of their choice from ThemeFuse. If you run your website using WordPress then you will love our helpful themes!

Today we will be giving out 3 vouchers. Here is what you have to do to get one: Continue Reading »

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