A Brief Guide of Using Twitter as A Logo Designer

Very recently the famous businessman George Soros retired from activity. He said that the markets are complicated and making businesses is way more difficult than ever. Don’t take this introduction wrong, iBrandStudio remains a blog focused on design, we won’t change the topic for stock exchange or other similar subjects. Still, this decision reveals the complexity of the actual economical context. The logo designers are living in this environment, so the decision of George Soros may represent the quintessence of our world.

Anyway, the idea is that nowadays we are living in a very competitive world and only the best have obtained profit. This fact is valid in logo design, too. The positive fact is that there is a balance between offer and demand and it means that every service provider may have a client and vice-versa. Once entered into the market, clients are coming easier, but the most difficult part is to gain the first one. A logo designer success is dependent on the clients he/she has and attracting and ulterior maintaining them is capital. Adding up the huge competition, we get to an old conclusion many times mentioned here: the life of a logo designer is pleasant, but every aspect is very challenging.

Twitter Tips for Logo Designer

Briefly, a logo designer that cares about his future will do all his best to merely attract new clients and satisfy the requirements of the current ones. A great source of attracting new clients and keeping in touch with the current ones is social media, especially Twitter. The social media blogs presented many articles about Twitter, how to interact with other Twitter accounts or how to gain more followers. I deeply searched the blogosphere but I didn’t find any article about how a logo designer should use Twitter for his/her benefits.

Luckily, we want to help you in gaining more clients via Twitter and we created a brief guide to explain the reasons in favor of this social network and if you are convinced about its usefulness, then you may check our tips about how to use Twitter.

Tip #1: Reasons for a logo designer to use Twitter

1. Quality information

Anyone interested in logo design may find online tons of blogs treating this subject, but finding the best resources is a time consuming activity. You can’t daily search for the best articles about logo design or if you do it a lot of time is wasted. Twitter makes simpler the search for logo design resources. Firstly, you may follow well-known logo designers that will tweet every now and then what they read and appreciated. Certainly, something recommended by an expert should be a high value reading.

On the other hand, a frequently retweeted article should be taken into consideration. Also, you should use the power of hashtags to find interesting resources. In conclusion, Twitter is better filtering the good and bad logo design news, blog posts or inspirational resources.

2. Professional collaboration

Someone once said that Facebook is to keep in touch with past colleagues while Twitter is to keep in touch with people you want to be colleagues. It synthetizes extremely well the main difference between these two networks. Twitter is a great tool to make professional friendships and any logo designer should profit from it. Briefly, follow other logo designers and don’t be afraid of engaging…in fact this is Twitter’s main purpose.

3. Good source of self-marketing

Imagine that you identified a Twitter user that constantly tweets very interesting resources. I guess that you will follow him and you will consider as being a professional logo designer…the chances of being true are high, isn’t it? Well, Twitter is a good source of self-marketing and you should behave as the user we imagined above. In this way you will attract people that will consider yourself as being a top figure of logo design community. Across time, you may create around you a considerable community formed from your followers.

These advantages are specking highly in favor of using Twitter and almost sure you are tempted to give a heed to Twitter. Here are some tips to apply if you want to be part of the Twitterverse.

Tip #2: Properly customize your account

Twitter is a place specific for conciseness and none should disobey this aspect. If you want to successfully use Twitter, then you must express everything important in less than 140 characters. Every pixel or every character must be carefully studied in order not to lose some potential clients. The personal bio should express your essence, what you like the most or what you do. It’s not simple, but these are the game’s rules.

The image profile must be self-describing, too. A generic one will kill any chances of being noticed. The background is another visual element that substantially contributes to getting observed by other users.

Tip #3: Your tweets must add value

Without any doubt, this is the most important idea. It’s simple to say that providing quality is important, but practically the situation is different. Twitting only important and relevant resources is almost impossible. An article about how to start working as a logo designer may be extremely useful for a beginner, but it may be a boring lecture for an expert. In conclusion, it’s recommended to make a study and identify the main features of your followers or insert in your tweets some words to better describe the post or the resource your tweeted.

Tip #4: Make the account part of your portfolio

Twitter should be part of your portfolio. More exactly, it’s not something wrong to tweet your latest creations and eventually ask for feedback. This method is simple, but effective and the success of it is very dependent on the number of followers – the more, the better.

On the other hand, tweeting only items created and asking for feedback isn’t a smart move. The best approach is a mixture of interesting links, latest creations and even tweets about your inner state.

Tip #5: Pay attention to novelties

Twitter is a very dynamic social network and in order to attract and maintain the followers it’s mandatory to stay updated to what’s new. Fortunately, Twitter won’t change its core features, but the team behind it regularly brings new improvements and features. Certainly, we will keep you updated to the latest Twitter news, therefore subscribe to our newsletter.

At the end, we made a surprise for you. We searched for some Twitter accounts to follow – you should just follow them and in your streamline you will find their recommendations. Check them and enjoy their tweets!

  1. https://twitter.com/dribbble
  2. https://twitter.com/justcreative
  3. https://twitter.com/DavidAirey
  4. https://twitter.com/graphicdesignju
  5. https://twitter.com/Logopond
  6. https://twitter.com/typographica
  7. https://twitter.com/CreativeGroup
  8. https://twitter.com/ColorLabs
  9. https://twitter.com/ibrandstudio
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