Four Major Reasons to Create Your Own Infographic

Nobody has time! It’s scientifically demonstrated that the more human society advances, the less time people have. Comparing with the 90’ decade, nowadays people are walking faster. The design community is aware of this and each project is created to be extremely efficient and easy to use…the time wasted is instantly associated with a loss of money…in fact, time is money!

The biggest issue for a designer is the situation when he must present an important volume of information into a very short period of time. Much more, this moment must be pleasant for the people viewing or listening to it. Well, presenting huge volume of information is a great challenge- people aren’t too patient, become bored and it’s impossible to regain their attention. Designers searched for solutions and few years ago, a new design format seemed to be the winning combination: the infographics. It’s true, the infographics weren’t the discovery of the modern times (check this article if you want to find out more about the early times of infographics), but lately they became very used and everyone is satisfied with them. If you aren’t familiarized with the term, don’t worry, it’s almost impossible to use the Internet and not admire at least one such project.

An infographic has the great advantage that allows representing information using both reading abilities but also the power of visual, therefore it combines two communication channels. In this way, the attention of people is better maintained and this is the base of its success.

Infographic Data Visualization Benefits
[Source: Crooked Stats Infographic Kit by PixelKit]

Definitely, the unanimity of Internet users agrees with the fact that an infographic is a nice piece of design, but what about the design community? Apparently, such a project is simpler than a website layout and it means that an infographic doesn’t mean a serious investment. The reality is different: the more complete is an infographic, the more it becomes ten times more difficult to realize. The specificity of this kind of design process is that the research period requires much time. If a designer should encapsulate a big volume of information, then he must handle incomparable more information. Before creating an infographic for a specific topic, it’s mandatory to have a solid background about it. It’s capital to have a complete research, or else the entire project is in danger of being considered the work of an amateur. Much more, it’s not enough to have complete information, it must be written into a format that captivates the attention of the viewers. The information must be interesting, useful and, if it’s possible, easy to memorize. Having a detailed research doesn’t automatically mean that the success is guaranteed. The visual has its role and it can’t be ignored. The design should attract the eyes of the viewers. It is in vain to have a good content that isn’t read by someone.

Under these circumstances it became obvious that creating a good infographic isn’t an easy task and it requires detailed research, talent and hard work. The good news is that a good infographic is always appreciated and it may attract lots of benefits:


#1. A source of backlinks

A good infographic attracts many backlinks and even after the latest updates of Google, these are capital in the success of any online presence. It’s simple, someone posts an infographic on his website, lets people know about it on Twitter and Facebook and it’s matter of time until it will be discovered. Across time, other people will want to present the infographic and surely will credit the initial source (at least, let’s hope they will).

#2. Presenting the information into a schematic & enjoyable format

In the eventuality of a very complex project, presenting the information may represent a difficult aspect and it may be resolved by an infographic. Undoubtedly, a client will be super impressed by such an interesting modality of encapsulating the most important aspects of a project.

#3. The recognition of users

Another important advantage of a well-done infographic is the recognition of the people- either simple Internet users or designers. In this case a good presence on social media networks is mandatory and every designer should pay attention to this fact. Many designers became famous in online environment due to some wonderful infographics uploaded on Deviantart or Behance.

#4. A source of attracting new clients

Like every design project that is wonderfully crafted, an infographic may represent a source of bringing new clients. As long as the infographics are still very appreciated, the potential clients will be very interested in having such a realization on their websites. Clearly, the infographic creators won’t lack clients.

Having so many advantages, any designer will almost certain become passionate with infographics. No matter if you are an experienced designer or just an amateur, sometimes working on a template is much easier and it may save some time. I don’t recommend using templates but you may give a try, at least at the beginning. In order to save your time, I added here some apps that simplify the creation process. It will be great to know which one is your favorite and of course, to share with us your fresh and amazing infographics.


Infographic Data Visualization Benefits

It’s a very intuitive application and it’s impossible not to understand its features. It’s simple: select a theme, and with the help of various features, you are able to customize it according to you preferences. Obviously, you should insert the content that should impress the viewers.


Infographic Data Visualization Benefits

It’s pretty similar to the previous application therefore you should give a try. Vizualize has plenty of themes and impressive modalities of customization and these are the prefect ingredients for a good infographic.

3. Piktochart

Infographic Data Visualization Benefits

Innitially, I didn’t want to create here an account but I said to myself that you never know… Well, I fell in love with Piktochart- the design of the application seems a little too retro and even outdated (just personal opinion). If you may ignore this aspect, then you have the perfect environment to create the best infographics. You have tons of customization options, many themes, so you have no excuse not to create a cool infographic.

I hope this post to be useful for everyone. It will be great to have your opinion about infographics and tips on how do you effectively create one. The comment form is for you, we are waiting for your ideas.

– Written by Daniel –

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