8 Ways Mobile Apps Can Help You Grow Your Small Business

There is no denying that technology is the best way of bringing people together. In a business world, every marketer seeks ways that can do three things to his or her business; boost sales, build a reliable customer base and enhance the efficiency levels.

As everything is getting digitized, about 70% of companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one. Besides, 55% of startups have adopted a digital business strategy, compared to 38% of traditional companies.

Digital transformation means creating websites, online stores, and mobile apps. The most effective among all is a mobile app, especially for small businesses.

So, if you are running a small-scale business and still don’t develop an app, you are missing some incredible business opportunities.

How Mobile Apps Help Small Business Grow

8 Ways Mobile Apps Can Help You Grow Your Small Business

In this blog post, we will tell you eight ways mobile apps can help small businesses grow:

Boosts Customer Engagement:

Do you know that 49% of smartphone users open an app more than 11 times each day? After the website, mobile application development is becoming the most popular way for businesses to increase customer engagement.

A Mobile Application helps businesses of all sizes from small-scale firms to large-scale companies growing profit. In fact, it is now turned into a significant source of earning for startups and tycoons. The reason behind mobile app popularity is it’s the quickest way for people to access their favorite brands.

Moreover, you can sync your business app with social media sites, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other top sources, to maximize your brand reach.

Boosts Brand’s Visibility:

According to the survey, there are 2.87 billion smartphone users worldwide, and the average time spent on smartphones is 190 minutes per day, and 150 of those minutes are devoted to apps.

The data suggests that about one-third of the world population own a smartphone, and on average, a person now has 80 plus apps installed in his or her little computer at a time. However, if you are running a business and still don’t have an app, it’s time to consider how effective it can be for your business growth.

Making an app boost your brand visibility, meaning that every time when a smartphone user unlocks his or her phone, your logo will appear on the screen, and that’s what every marketer wants; making brand logo visible to clients.

Builds Brand Awareness:

With thousands of apps introducing every day in the market, it’s quite challenging for small businesses to reach and grow their target audience. But, it’s the only best low-budget way for small businesses to build their brand awareness and recognition.

Two years ago, the Statista in its report stated that there were 2.8 million available apps in the Google Play Market and 2.2 million apps available in Apple’s App Store. The number of apps shows that the competition is fierce.

So, to make an app effective, you need to make a user-friendly interface of the app and add top-notch features in it. Besides, your app should tell a story about the product/service you are providing and add the essence of persuasion that makes users download your app.

Direct Marketing Channel for Brand:

Direct Marketing Channel Illustration
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Many people prefer an app over the website when it comes to buying a product or a service, as the app is the more straightforward and easiest way to get access to the brands. A great app is innovative, informative, and easy to navigate.

Besides, it has everything, such as user accounts, general information, messengers, order forms, a news feed, videos, prices, high-quality features, and various other functions. With an app, you can provide every information that a customer expects from your brand.

What’s more? You can send flash messages via app to promote various offers. The essential feature of the app is a notification system, which helps you to directly communicate with the individuals. You send notifications to the clients to inform them about the new features, sending promotional offers, etc.

Makes Additional Revenue:

The mobile app helps business boost the profit. You can add a fair amount in your revenue by making an app of your brand. With proper marketing, the app will start bringing the profit you can earn through the website and traditional street-side store.

What’s more, you can expect from an app? It’s way budget-friendly than other means of generating revenue. With an effective call-to-action strategy, you can engage the audience in just a few clicks.

Adds Value to Brand’s Name:

Another significant advantage of developing an app for a business is it takes your business to the next level and adds mind-blowing value to it. When you build an app of your brand, it provides a new and smoother channel of communication to the customers.

An app is not only a great way of communication between the customer and employee but also exceptional for internal communication between employees. An app helps you offer time-to-time discounts, deals, and exciting packages that attract more and more audience, adding value to your brand’s name.

Besides, when you offer a referral reward, your regular clients start referring your brand to their family and friends.

Increases Operational Efficiency:

The mobile app is a lifesaver for small businesses when it comes to boosting operational efficiencies, as it requires a huge budget. If you fail in maintaining operational efficiency levels, it may cost you a huge loss, and as a small businessman, you can’t bear the loss, ending up closing down the business.

However, with a proper mobile app, you can reduce trim the associated operational costs. As we mentioned above, the mobile app provides a smooth communication channel, which improves and boosts your business’s operational efficiency.

Sets Up On-Demand Marketplace:

Apps like BloomThat, Drizly, Fiverr, Postmates, and Uber are some great and popular on-demand apps available on both Apple and Android play stores.

These apps are designed to provide quickest and most comfortable service to the people at their doorsteps. If you have a small business, you can introduce on-demand services through an app to get more and more audience.

Increases Sales on the Store:

Increase sales on the store
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The mobile apps can increase sales on the store through web-based businesses. The customers now mostly pay for the products through mobile apps, enabling them to enjoy a convenient experience. The returning outcome on sales is higher through mobile apps, making the businesses enjoy from a single click of the customers.

The mobile apps enable customers to get product messages and new offers regularly. It helps the customers to remain updated about the product while letting the businesses enjoy higher sales outcomes. The sales outcome increases when the customers keep coming back toward the company’s products and services, particularly with receipt of their demanding products.

Mobile apps play a leading role in generating huge sales for businesses. The channels of sales mostly include new digital products, promotions, and product news that are now a general practice for small businesses. It lets the customers keep coming back with their demanded products being made available from a single click of the mobile apps.

Gets Social Media Integration:

Mobile apps are now becoming a major tool for social media outlets. The customers now increasingly rely on different kinds of social media-driven businesses. The mobile apps directly let the customers get business-related products and services on their hands. It subsequently derives more social media-driven benefits in the favor of small businesses.

The businesses can grow quickly through their immediate response to the customers. These include sources of information through videos, images, drafts, and other related media. It creates a direct engagement of businesses with the customers, thereby resulting in more social media-driven campaigns and business services.

Another major benefit of mobile apps is to ensure LIVE products’ broadcasting. These include using social media pages to achieve a direct response from the customers. Such action then increases sales outcome while letting the customers coming again and again toward the social media business outlets.

Enhances Customer Loyalty:

The mobile apps now support an increased level of the customer loyalty program. It is run through the introduction of a loyalty card or loyalty program. It helps in boosting regular offers that are most demanding to the customers. It facilitates every type of mobile app using customers, enabling them to remain updated with their favorite or demanding products or services.

The customers are now in the practice of purchasing products through online stores or mobile apps. Therefore, mobile apps play a crucial role in attracting more customers and driving more customer loyalty therein. The customers are widely observed using mobile apps, thereby making them positively responsive to the benefits that are derived through the system of the mobile app.


There is a spectrum of ways that small businesses grow from mobile apps, including the offering of rewards, discounts, and promotions. These entire considerations help small businesses grow within a short time. It also makes them more successful through the use of a customer loyalty program. There also arise factors of peak seasonal events where the businesses enjoy more loyalty through the offering of the latest trends and discounted products.

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