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Favorite links of the week is our weekly column which we share our favorite posts, articles, and resources about brand identity design with the readers that there are very useful for us, and we think there are will be useful too for the readers. This week we have tips, common mistakes, presentation, example and resources that highly recommended for better typography in your brand identity design.

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On Font Pairing in Logo Design

typography tips

Continue reading for a few tips and methods to help choose more relevant and suitable typefaces for a logo mark and overall improve your typography decisions.

10 Common Typography Mistakes

typography tips

Below is a list of 10 common mistakes used in type design/layout that can make a large impact in the effectiveness and appearance of your designs, in addition to saving you time and money when dealing with printers.

Interactive Branding Web Typography Tips – A Presentation

typography tips

A good presentation that will give us simple explanation about brand strategy, typography strategy, CSS: Fonts/Font Stacks – Layout, Cufon vs sIFR vs FLIR

Typography: Citroën Rebrand with Custom Corporate Typeface

typography tips

Below you will find various photos taken with clear usage of the new typeface

Top 5 Typography Resources

typography tips

Below is a compilation of the best and most valuable typography resources and tips that you need to know to improve your typographic skills.

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  2. Brett Widmann says

    This has a lot of great info! I think my skills will improve havign read this. Thanks for sharing.

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