Movavi Photo Editor: No Prior Experience Needed to Edit Images

Editing images and photos can be tricky. As much as there are some basic editing tools out there, they tend to have limited features and can only perform minor alterations. On the flip side of the coin the more professional editors have lots of powerful features – but are designed for professionals and require a certain amount of experience and expertise.

The good news is that if you don’t have any prior experience and what to edit your photos – Movavi Photo Editor will have you covered. It has lots of powerful features that will allow you to alter and improve your photo in numerous ways, but at the same time is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use.

Getting Started with Movavi Photo Editor

One of the best things about Movavi Photo Editor is that it is easy to start using it. All you need to do is download and install the software, and you can launch it and start editing your photos almost immediately.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Movavi Photo Editor’s interface is clean and consists basically of a main working area and a row of navigation tabs at the top. All the features that it contains are neatly organized into these tabs, and when you select any one of them a panel will open up on the right that provides you with the tools that you need.

In order to start editing a photo, you can opt to either click on the ‘Browse for Images’ button in the center of the working area, or drag and drop the image file there. Once the photo has loaded you can start exploring the features in Movavi Photo Editor and trying them out.

Because of how intuitive and user-friendly it is, the best way to learn how to edit your images using Movavi Photo Editor is by experimenting with its features. As you do you’ll discover how they work, and see firsthand how they affect your image and are able to improve it.

Movavi Photo Editing Software

Key Features

As mentioned previously Movavi Photo Editor has lots of powerful features, and in many ways it punches above its weight and will exceed expectations. However if you’d like to know exactly what you can expect it to do, this should provide you with a glimpse into its potential:

  • Photo enhancement
    Using Movavi Photo Editor you’ll be able to enhance the overall quality of your images by adjusting the color settings and fixing any issues that may be present such as blurry or pixelated images. It is possible to manually adjust the color settings using sliders, or there is an automated ‘Magic Enhance’ tool that you could use.
  • Artistic filters
    By applying the various artistic filters that are present in Movavi Photo Editor to your images, you can provide them with a distinct visual style and appearance. Each filter is designed to produce a unique effect, and some of the options that you can choose from include cezanne, nostalgic, dramatic, sizzling cinnamon, subdued pearl, and more.
  • Frame adjustment
    If you want to re-frame your image or transform its orientation, Movavi Photo Editor has several tools that you can use to do so. In particular you could flip, rotate, resize, crop or level your image.
  • Composition alteration
    Sometimes there may be particular objects, people or elements in your image that you want to remove, and Movavi Photo Editor will help you to do that while ensuring no traces or imperfections are left behind. Similarly it is able to remove and replace the entire background from an image as well.
  • Portrait touchups
    Within Movavi Photo Editor there’s an entire range of specialized tools to help touchup portraits and selfies. Using these tools you’ll be able to smooth out wrinkles, remove blemishes, alter eye colors, apply digital makeup, whiten teeth, and much more.
  • Custom text elements
    If you’d like to create posters, add captions, or insert any other kind of text into your images, Movavi Photo Editor’s ability to add and customize text elements will come in handy. It will let you create a wide range of unique text elements, and has stickers that you can use to accentuate them further with shapes and motifs.

Final Words

All in all it should be clear just how useful Movavi Photo Editor could be at helping you to edit your images. Because of how comprehensive as well as intuitive its features are, it is a great tool for anyone who wants to be able to improve their images but doesn’t have that much experience.

If you’re willing to spend a few minutes experimenting with the features in Movavi Photo Editor, before long you’ll be able to fully utilize their potential and edit your photos and images in much the same way a professional would.

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