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28 Animal Inspired Fresh Logos

Best Animal Logos
Posted October 20th, 2014 in Inspiration by Eko S

iBrandStudio is a well-known place where every logo designer may refill his/her inspiration level. We are proud of this and you have our word that we are working harder and harder to offer to our readers only the best items for inspiration. Previously, we showcased some logo collections inspired by animals. Now it’s time for a new and fresh set of animal inspired logos.

Animals are part of our life and using their silhouettes in logo design is a very common fact. These are very suggestive and help a lot in transmitting a clearer message to the viewers. Moreover, the message would be understood by a very large pool of people because the symbols of each animal are almost universal. Some concepts of animals may be used strictly for animal related activities (pet stores, veterinary pharmacies or non-profit organizations for animals). Others are more famous and have broader possibilities of use. The lion is used to express power, the jaguar or a cheetah for speed and agility, the owl for wisdom etc. Continue Reading »

8 Awesome WordPress Themes for Travel Agency Websites

Travel WordPress Themes
Posted October 16th, 2014 in Inspiration by Eko S

Have a project to build a travel or booking websites? But, did you know what are the criterias for the great travel websites? They should have attractive designs, use large photos (in some cases full-screen background images), colorful, beautiful photography of the featured places is a definite must, responsive, booking system, search filter accept online payment, and easy to navigation.

So much criterias to build a great travel website, but you should don’t worry since with WordPress theme as we have collected below you can create your own travel agency website with easy and very cheap (start from $39). Start to build your own website today with no worries :). Continue Reading »

Unique Logos with Outline Design Style by Brian Steely

Unique Outline Logos
Posted October 14th, 2014 in Inspiration by Yahya

Hi, today I have another great logo designer. His name is Brian Steely a branding designer from Atlanta, United States. He has been working at a design firm for more than 16 years. And he has a unique logo design style, by using simple line-art he manages to produce a range of diverse and inspiring logo designs as you can see below. Continue Reading »

Best Selection of Brand Identity Designs of September 2014

Brand Identity Designs
Posted October 11th, 2014 in Inspiration by Yahya

If you visit our Facebook Page or has become iBrandStudio’s Facebook fan, you see every day we post the most outstanding brand identity designs as your inspiration sources. And today we choose some of the best in September 2014 collection to one inspirational post just for you. Hope you’ll enjoy it! Continue Reading »

25 Best Logos of September 2014

Best Logo Designs
Posted October 6th, 2014 in Inspiration by Eko S

Time is flying very fast. We live day by day being aware by this undeniable truth. Continuous change steals the seconds like they have never been transforming the future into present and sooner than we expect, the present into past.

There’s no better time to observe, to feel, to gain more awareness of the time flow than autumn. There are changes around us in every second but the passing from summer hot days to grumpy, cloudy, rainy days feels always more dramatic. Continue Reading »

27 Car Related Logos

Car Logos
Posted October 1st, 2014 in Inspiration by Eko S

Nowadays, the Internet covers all the areas from our lives. That changed in many ways, the way we live. Maybe the most influenced is business area.

No matter the business we are in, we need to have an online presence. Being online is a real challenge. We compete with many others in the same business so we have to provide better services, lower prices and what is more important a distinct, a better online presence.

In this context a new business appeared – logo design. Of course that didn’t come alone but with others like web design, web coding, application development but we know from any psychology related science and from our life experience that an image makes more than any written word. An example to describe the importance of the logos is the car industry. Logos from any car brand are worldwide known. Continue Reading »

34 Best Logos of August 2014

Best Logo Designs
Posted September 15th, 2014 in Inspiration by Eko S

The summer days had come to an end. Summer vacation consumed her last days and turned to windy and rainy. Usually this picture seems painted in sad colours but not for design community. As we always stated, when it comes about design an important part of the logo designer job activity is recreation. The summer had a refreshing effect upon creativity of many designers, felt like a restart for some of them or just increased the creativity level for others.

That is why we have now, at the beginning of autumn, a difficult task. We have to choose best logos of prior month. August seems one of the best months of the year, from creativity point of view exceeded only by winter holiday season. Transition from holiday to work is always beneficial, both for designers and users. Continue Reading »

Amazing One Color Logos by Gert van Duinen

Awesome Designer Logo Designs
Posted September 1st, 2014 in Inspiration by Yahya

Gert van Duinen is a Dutch based illustrative logo & brand identity designer and founder of cresk, a brand identity consultancy primarily focusing on exclusive brandmark design, brand identity revitalization and brand identity development. Officially he has been into graphic design since the mid 90′s, after studying graphic design from which he received a handful of diplomas and certificates. He has always been intrigued and passionate about iconic design and logos, trademarks and anything distinguishable by either brandmark or impression. Continue Reading »

12 Must Have Badges, Logos and Insignia for Your Strong Branding Presence

badges logos and insignias
Posted August 28th, 2014 in Inspiration by Eko S

Bring impression to your brand business infront of the customers is vital. And the one way to do that is have the strong logo branding presence. In this hand picked collection, I’ll feature 12 Must Have Badge, Logo and Insignia templates to help you quickly create awesome logos, fantastic sales signs, packaging labels, sticker, stamp, t-shirt designs and other identity and branding materials.

All of the templates below is 100% vector, fully customizable, resizable, highly organized and not only for print purpose, but you can use them on many different media like flash banner, digital banner, or even website etc. A must have templates for any designers, quickly type your text, add a tagline, and watch the result instantly. Continue Reading »

28 Beautiful College and University Website Designs for Your Inspiration

Beutiuful University Website Designs
Posted August 26th, 2014 in Inspiration by Eko S

With the trend of the web technology today, most colleges and universities have created their own websites with the purpose is to attracting the new students as well ass a source of information of the current students, parents and even donors. So the need of effective website design like provide great user experiences such as smooth user interactivity, attractive design, informative content and ease of use is the must.

To help you get the inspiration, today we’ll feature 28 beautiful and well-designed college and university websites. Let’s take a look! Continue Reading »

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